Alfred House Productions (AHP) is a full service event production and design company.  Specifically, we produce everything from spectacular weddings to unique social events. We also design stunning interiors and florals and can also provide personalized lifestyle and travel consulting.

About Priyan, our Founder and Creative Director:

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Alfred House Productions is a culmination of a lifetime of Priyan developing his unique aesthetic by collecting and cataloguing inspiration from around the world. A licensed attorney, Priyan founded Alfred House Productions as a passion project and the company grew from there.

After practicing law for several years, Priyan felt that many of his natural talents and skills were not being utilized.  He felt that his creative energy was not being properly harnessed.  Therefore, he searched for a way to combine the skillset he developed as a lawyer along with his innate creative abilities.  Event production and design proved to be the best of both worlds. Priyan uses his skills as a lawyer to negotiate contracts with vendors and suppliers as well as grow his business.  Simultaneously, his creative aptitude is harnessed into designing spectacular events by choosing and creating the perfect floral design, lighting, entertainment, etc.

Priyan named the company "Alfred House Productions" after his family's ancestral home in Sri Lanka. For generations, that house was the venue for beautiful parties with fantastic food and unique decor for friends and family.  So much of what Priyan brings to the table with regards to hospitality and design comes from Sri Lanka and so AHP is an homage to that idea. Alfred House Productions infuses the warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality and exotic flavor into modern and elegant events. 

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